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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Record-breaking travel photographer focuses camera on 35 regions of India

Beijing -- Fresh off the success of his groundbreaking new photo book CHINA: Portrait of a People, yet refusing to rest on his laurels, famed travel photographer Tom Carter announced his next destination: India.
Kerala School Girls
Varanasi Ganga

Holi Festival
"Having already photographed the people of the world's most populous country, I saw it only fitting to now focus on the second-most populous country," said the native San Franciscan at a recent press conference. The result of this epic expedition, Carter anticipates, will be his second book of photography, INDIA: Portrait of a People.
Varanasi Pilgrims

Delhi Blanket Bazaar

Madurai Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Gopura
35-year-old Carter made headlines in 2008 for his unprecedented 2-year, 56,000 kilometer journey across the 33 provinces of China, which resulted in the creation of his 640-page book of photography CHINA: Portrait of a People. Considered the most comprehensive book of photography on modern China ever published by a single author, the photo book was a critical and commercial success.
Varanasi Prayers

Delhi Lovers

Gokarna Banjara Tribal Lady
It will be the American freelance photographer's first visit to the Republic of India; however the intrepid Carter will be jumping in with both feet to travel the length and breadth of the vast South Asian nation. "I intend to photograph all 35 states/territories and traverse as much of India's 3.3 million square kilometers as possible. It may take a couple of years, but I won't rest until I have created the definitive India photo book, something any single author has yet to do."
Mathura Sadhu
Tamil Nadu Cool Guy

Rameshwaram Ramalingeshwara Pilgrims
Meanwhile, as a result of a successful viral marketing campaign and impressive direct online sales, Carter's Hong Kong publishers at Blacksmith Books are now actively seeking a North American or European publisher to share licensing rights and worldwide distribution for CHINA: Portrait of a People. Let the bidding war begin!


CHINA: Portrait of a People, by Tom Carter
Genre: Travel / Photography / Art / China
ISBN: 9-789889-979942
640 pages, 800 full color images, with maps of each province
Published: Summer 2008 by Blacksmith Books, Hong Kong
View more of India Photographer Tom Carter's India Photography at Flickr.
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